bundle of complaints// but it’ll be okay??

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i want a milkshake. i should have gotten one when i went to plainfield. yugh.

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today is the kind if day where i want to wear old ragged clothes that i love and cruise down back roads listening to feel good music letting the cool air hit my shoulders until i reach a clearing in the woods and the sun warms me again.

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i need to drop off my paper work//

i should go sit at the high school and organize my lessons as best as i can//

//also call sumner??

i feel all gross and ugh and my bed is so comfy and i’ve been awake and asleep on and off since like 7am and ugh.

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i feel sick.  i feel a little better about life.  i miss maine.  i want to sit in the sun and relax for once.  i don’t have time for anything. 

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back in my day the reblog button was on the top. we had to scroll 15 miles through the snow, uphill both ways.


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slowly turning my classroom into a greenhouse//art museum.

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