i just want nachos and salsa//

so i’m probably going to eat some later

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shelley is picking me up in the morning to drive back to portland// awe then only a few more days there and i’m back to ct wah wah

sumner called me and was like have u heard about the job and i was like no and she’s like wth who they gonna hire i need u we need to do lessons and budget stuff so i’m calling to find out and i’m like ahhh like do i have the job or?? i’m so confused .//

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kinda thinking i might go cut my hair and my bangs but i’m not really sure and

idk i wanna get dressed up and go out one day// but that doesn’t happen because i only wear my black kmart shorts and this uncle si shirt//

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wow i suck at cleaning my room

i just want to eat a whole lot of ice cream

and i wish that

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